Monday, December 23, 2013

In-memory option in oracle 12c

I clench  when people say oracle is playing catchup with in-memory option. Any option oracle came up was integral part of database. It takes time to build on your own, rather than buy a company like SAP did and call it its own. 

I recall Teradata gave a anti Exadata compete paper saying "Exadata is still  Oracle" database. They totally missed the point that oracle worked hard to make it transparent to end users. It is what people want. 
 Now with in-memory option, will SAP dare to call it  "In-memory option is still a Oracle database "? 

Remember, Times-ten is a Row-store in memory database and it will stay that way. In-memory option is a columnar-store format and is created ground up. There is no change of code required for any of the existing application to run on oracle in-memory option. 
 The underlying code change to make this happen cannot be a after though after HANA announcement. It is foresight, hard work and great development team that can code. 

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