Thursday, October 31, 2013

SAS Solutions OnDemand on Oracle Exadata

If  there are companies out there making a decision to run SAS products  and wanted to choose a database  or wondered if Oracle Exadata is a good fit ?
Consider this. SAS runs their Cloud solutions on Oracle Exadata. SAS Solutions OnDemand   did talk at Oracle  OpenWorld 2013. They were happy with ROI, performance, scalability and simplicity of provisioning. 
Interesting info from the presentation slides is the ability of SAS specific sqls are able to make use of exadata features to improve performance.
some of the examples listed were.
  • Up to 45x performance increase with Exadata storage indexes.
  • Dropped some of the indexes to save space and make use of smart scans and storage indexes.
  • Daily ETL runs < 10 hours vs. > 20 hours
  • Interface in use by 33,000 users now returns all queries in less than 30 seconds vs. many selections timing out at 3 minutes.
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